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Eva | 06.05.2020

für Chris und alle Interessierten. Das hat Sarah geschrieben, sie kommt aus dem Jemen. Das andere Gästebuch läßt keine so langen Beiträge zu - leider

We Muslims wait impatiently for Ramadan every year, as we find in it the rest of the soul and the peace of mind And heart . Ramadan is considered one of the best
months of the year with God, as it is a month of fasting and standing, and it is a great month to provide oodness, and it is the month in which God revealed the Quran.
God forgives sins, and sins are atoned for, God preferred the month of Ramadan over the rest of the year, and that includes the preference for worship in it. God preaches to His fasting servants a paradise when they increase their good deeds, because God doubles them good deeds in Ramadan.
The most important benefits of fasting Ramadan for human health ..
1. Heart protection:
Fasting helps to promote cardiovascular health, because fasting for about 14 hours helps to improve the work of the heart as a result of reducing the work done by the heart resulting from pumping blood into the stomach.
2. Improve mood:
Studies have shown that fasting helps boost moods, as it helps the brain increase the ability to resist stress.
According to the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi website, fasting is important to strengthen memory and increase learning ability, and this is by increasing the charge of the brain, which enhances the development of brain cells, which makes the response to information be better.
3. Reducing the cholesterol level in the blood:
Fasting helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, because it reduces the accumulation of fat in the blood. Therefore, fasting is important for cardiovascular health, which helps prevent stroke and heart attacks.
4. Detoxification from the body:
Fasting during Ramadan helps you get rid of excess toxins in the body, due to the lack of food and drink throughout the day, which helps the body get rid of toxins that are found in the digestive system
5. Beneficial for the digestive system:
Fasting helps get rid of many problems affecting the digestive system, including irritable bowel, indigestion, flatulence, and increased acidity. This is a result that fasting helps to strengthen the membranes of the digestive system, which helps increase efficiency in the role of the digestive system in turn.
Social benefits of fasting: Fasting brings many social benefits, as it is considered a practical manifestation of equality between members of society, as all members of society, rich and poor, share a sense of hunger and thirst throughout the fasting period, which leads the rich to feel the suffering of the poor, and it was narrated that Joseph - peace be upon him - He used to fast more than he was on the treasures of the earth, and when asked about the reason for that, he said:I am afraid if I am full I will forget the hunger of the poor
Fasting also teaches patience with hunger, thirst, and with the misfortunes of the world

Ich finde das sehr interessant und könnte ein Vorbild für alle sein. Auch für Atheisten, wie mich.
Das Fasten erinnert mich an Interval fasten. ist also keine neue Erfindung, sondern uralt. Mindestens aus dem 600 Jahrhundert

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